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Covid-19 : Supporting Women’s Success in the World of Work

Covid-19 : Closing the digital divide

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In addition to the Group making fuel vouchers available to hospitals and nursing homes in France, Total Foundation has committed €5 million to combating Covid-19 by addressing three major issues:


  • medical research: supporting the Pasteur Institute,
  • emergency healthcare: providing medical supplies to healthcare workers and partnering with the Red Cross, in Africa in particular,
  • assistance for at-risk individuals: partnering with the Aurore non-profit in providing essential supplies to the severely disadvantaged and with Simplon on the “#Gardons le lien(#Stay connected) initiative in using digital tools to prevent loneliness and social isolation among the sick and elderly.


Our employees continue to take part in the employee engagement Action!” program, which has reorganized its work in keeping with health-related constraints and social distancing requirements (academic support, links with the elderly or isolated individuals, etc.).

Total Foundation has also pledged its support to its non-profit partners to help them through the crisis and pursue their work, in particular to ensure that young people continue to have access to learning (distance learning solutions for students at Production Schools and support for Break Poverty in supplying 600 disadvantaged young students with computers). It is also gearing up for after the crisis and its work with partners in education and inclusion for young people will focus on projects aimed at recovering from the crisis.

Discover our actions

Covid-19: Total mobilizing resources in all host regions

While Total teams are fully mobilized in compliance with health regulations to provide the energies that consumers need, we’re also committed to supporting the women and men fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines.


Covid-19 : Affiliates in Africa step up their efforts even more

Africa too has been hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Alongside the lockdown measures and closures of borders and airspace enforced by a number of governments across the continent, Total affiliates in Africa immediately rallied to help combat the epidemic – another illustration of Total’s commitment to getting involved to help communities.

Covid-19 : Total mobilized to fight against the Covid-19

Paris – The Total Group has decided to support healthcare staff of French hospitals mobilized in the fight against the Covid-19 virus...


Covid-19 : VIA Online Game to Raise Road Safety Awareness Among Young People

In response to the high number of young people involved in road accidents, Total Foundation and Fondation Michelin, in a commitment to improving road safety, have created the VIA online game for 10- to 18-year-olds. This fun, interactive game will raise awareness of road hazards.

Covid-19 : Supporting Women’s Success in the World of Work

Total Foundation makes it a point of honor to support nonprofits working to advance gender equality in society and the workplace by empowering women to play an active role in economic development. Our partners are continuing their efforts to maintain this vital momentum through the Covid-19 crisis.

Covid-19 : Closing the Digital Divide

Total Foundation is working alongside nonprofits to help students continue learning from home and to ensure that more people can, through the Internet, connect with the outside world and maintain social, community and family ties.