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Calls for partners

Total Foundation is committed to empowering young people in the heart of the Group’s host communities and regions.

To support nonprofit organizations working to help the most vulnerable members of society, we are setting up a platform that they can use to present their projects.

By pooling resources and harnessing the energy of the entire community, we can bring effective, concrete solutions to problems in society.

Conditions for participating in our calls for partners

Why respond to our calls for partners?

Being a Total Foundation partner means receiving:

  • Financial support to roll out your project over a period of up to three years.
  • Expert advice and active contributions from our employees volunteering through the Action! program (find out more here).
  • Regular support in defining and implementing your initiatives in our host regions.

Is your nonprofit eligible?

Yes, if:

  • It is eligible for France’s corporate philanthropy scheme (see Article 238 bis of the French General Tax Code [Code général des impôts]).
  • It has existed for at least two years.
  • The support requested does not exceed 30% of the organization’s total budget.

Is your project eligible?

Yes, if:

  • It is a public-interest project with long-term ambitions.
  • It is based in one of the Total Group’s host regions and contributes to local vibrancy.
  • It concerns young people between the ages of 12 and 25, especially those who are socially vulnerable, and aims to showcase their potential.
  • It gets stakeholders working together from across the community. 

No, if:

  • It is an event (trade fair, festival, concert, etc.).
  • It is a religious/faith-based or political initiative.
  • Its purpose is to create a business.
  • It is a personal project.
  • It is a sponsorship initiative.
  • It has already been completed.

2020 - Youth Inclusion and Education


  • Applications open from April 20 to May 24
  • 117 applications received
  • Presentation by shortlisted project champions in early July before a panel of prominent internal and external stakeholders
  • 8 partners selected


2021 - upcoming events


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