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19/05/2020 News

Covid-19: Total mobilizing resources in all host regions

During these challenging times, while Total teams are fully mobilized in compliance with health regulations to provide the energies that consumers need, we’re also committed to supporting the women and men fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines.

Our priorities: 

  • Support frontliners 
  • Protect medical staff 
  • Support research 
  • Help our clients 
  • Stay mobilized 

These are a few of the measures we are taking, and will continue to take in our host regions.

  • Total Ivory Coast is taking action, providing FCFA25 million in vouchers to local healthcare services and hospital nursing staff.

  • In several other countries, our teams are helping out where needed, just like in Ghana…

  • …and Jamaica.

  • The sky is the limit when it comes to fighting the epidemic: Total in the U.K. is providing air ambulance services with free jet fuel.

  • Safety is also fundamental in this fight. Total Antwerp has donated 10,000 masks to the University Hospital of Antwerp and more than 6,000 chemical protective suits to the University Hospital of Antwerp and the Hospital Network of Antwerp.

  • In Tunisia, our affiliate Hutchinson is developing 3D-printed visors to help keep medical staff safe in SAMU and SMUR services.

  • In France, Total’s R&D teams are busy making visors for hospitals and pharmacies. Under the initiative, called “Stop Covid19 Right Now!”, several hundreds of masks are being printed every week.

  • In Thailand, Total Corbion PLA is also joining the fight against Covid-19 by donating Luminy® PLA resins for the production of 3D printed medical devices and protective equipment.

  • In Mombasa, Kenya, teams at our lubricant blending plant have been working full time to produce more than 8,000 liters a day of hand sanitizer, which has received legal and safety certifications.

  • The hand sanitizer is now being distributed by public authorities to the general population, especially in low-income areas.