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Our Actions

Our Actions

The Group has established four priority areas, which form the basis of all Total Foundation’s actions.


Road accidents are currently the leading cause of death among young people worldwide. At a time of rising mobility needs, this makes road safety a key issue.

Total is a company with close ties to cars and drivers. Our trucks cover some 700 million kilometers every year. Safety is our number one priority, and we have developed genuine expertise in the field in order to secure the safety of our employees as well as other drivers and pedestrians.

Total Foundation is committed to safer mobility for the community at large. Educating young people, training professional drivers, taking action alongside NGOs and institutions, and raising awareness among local authorities will help make roads safer, particularly in developing countries.

We want to contribute to meeting the United Nation’s objective to halve the number of road accident victims by 2020.


and Climate

Aware of the challenges posed by climate change, Total has made overcoming them part of its strategy and initiatives.

The Group has committed to reducing its CO2 emissions and more generally promotes low carbon energy sources, particularly through increasing the share of natural gas and renewable energies in its production mix.

Aside from these business objectives, Total Foundation partners with environmental nonprofits and institutions to support forest conservation projects that encourage natural carbon sequestration, protect biodiversity in sensitive ecosystems and preserve quality of life for local communities. We also participate in campaigns to raise awareness of these issues among young people, because they are the future of our planet.


Youth Inclusion
and Education

Given today’s difficult economic environment, youth inclusion is a key challenge. Increasingly more young people are finding themselves in at-risk situations across continents worldwide.

Wherever Total operates, we create value and jobs – including both direct and indirect employment. We also work to enhance the skill level of many young people and apprentices.

Total Foundation encourages young people from socially vulnerable backgrounds to become more independent, enabling them to take control of their future, participate in local economic life and find their place in society. Working in partnership with schools, nonprofits and companies located in our host communities and regions, we develop training programs to foster entrepreneurship and initiatives to support personal development and academic success.


Dialogue and

Cultural diversity provides an opportunity for intellectual openness and growth. In light of globalization and the need for mutual understanding, it is crucial to nurture and give voice to each region’s specific qualities.

Operating in 130 countries and representing more than 150 nationalities, Total knows that maintaining dialogue between diverse cultures is key to encouraging a sense of community. Emphasizing the value of our host communities and regions is central to our strategy.

And because culture is a source of local pride and vitality, Total Foundation is committed to preserving and passing on cultural heritage, supporting creative young people and promoting education in the arts for everyone. We prioritize initiatives that involve young people, for whom culture is a source of empowerment.