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Youth Job Insecurity,
an Alarming Reality

In a complex global economic environment, youth unemployment and job insecurity have worrying human and financial consequences across the world. In France, more than 20% of young people are unemployed and 100,000 students leave school every year with no qualifications. In Africa, young people – who make up more than 60% of the population – face challenges such as poverty, unemployment, lack of educational infrastructure and sometimes even illiteracy.

in Youth Talent

Total is committed to helping young people thrive, driven by the belief that sustainable development cannot be achieved without effective solutions to promote their professional and social inclusion. Despite being both the future of their regions and the key to local vitality, too few young people have been given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents. Our objective is to empower them to take control of their future and to play a key role in the development of their communities. 

A Focus on Including
and Benefiting Young People 

Total Foundation has made a conscious decision to systematically include young people in the cultural programs it supports. This might be by encouraging the emergence of artistic initiatives that give them opportunities for self-expression and growth, training them in cultural heritage restoration to enhance their employability, or initiating them into the art of playing music in an orchestra. Each of the programs supported by the Foundation therefore plays a part in empowering young people to fulfill their potential, enhancing social cohesion among communities, and fostering commitment and self-confidence in younger generations. 

Three Drivers to Facilitate the Success of Young People

Tangible results can only be achieved by working together with educational and social stakeholders. For this reason, we work in partnership with other companies, sports associations and schools that offer original approaches, in order to:

  • Foster academic success and soft skills, as self-confidence and an understanding of appropriate social and professional behavior are springboards to opportunities for young people.
  • Promote access to general and vocational training, especially in industrial disciplines. 
  • Support entrepreneurship through assistance for business creation and social innovation.

Solidarity in Action

Manoelle Lepoutre- Format Médaillon
Harnessing the energy of the entire community for a strong impact on society. Thank you to our partners.

Manoelle Lepoutre

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other three priority areas​