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Supporting Young African Artists in Kampala

Initiated in 2014, the Kampala Art Biennale is a key event in the contemporary African art scene in Uganda.
Directed by Simon Njami, an influential curator and art critic of Cameroonian origins, the 2018 Biennale included the exhibition of works by artists from across the continent. Conferences and other events were also organized to help consolidate the position of African artists on the international stage. To this end, a mentoring program was also set up, whereby seven internationally renowned African artists hosted 35 young artists in residence for ten days. The goal was to produce one or more collective or individual works, some of which would be exhibited during the Biennale. Underpinned by a spirit of sharing, cross-cultural dialogue and the nurturing of young talent, this is exactly the type of project that the Total Foundation has chosen to support.

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Rafiy Okefohalan, Artist in Residence, Shares His Story

Kampala Art Biennale 2018