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A Mounting

Road accidents kill 1.35 million people worldwide every year. They are the leading cause of death among young people around the world and among children in Africa. The number of cars on the road is projected to rise from 800 million today to 2.5 billion by 2050. As more people gain access to this form of mobility, road safety is proving vital. Accordingly, the United Nations has set the ambitious objective of halving the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2020.

Road Safety,
a Value That Drives Us

At Total, safety is a core value that is embedded in all of our processes, because it ensures our long-term sustainability as a business. Total is a company with close ties to cars and drivers. Our trucks cover more than 700 million kilometers every year and we supply fuel to some 4 million road users every day. For this reason, Total has drawn up stringent rules and procedures for all of its drivers.

Expertise to Share,
With the Credibility to Act 

Our goal is to share our expertise with professionals and other individuals in local communities to achieve a reduction in the number of victims. 

Present in 130 countries, including in areas with a high rate of road traffic accidents, we operate at the heart of our host regions through service stations, depots, affiliates and more, where we can be attentive to the accident prevention needs of local stakeholders. Partnerships with local road safety players, such as NGOs, local authorities and schools, enable us to develop trust-based relationships thanks to which we can efficiently move community behaviors in the right direction. We also develop initiatives alongside other partners operating in the private sector. By pooling our strengths and resources, these alliances help to maximize our impact. 

Did You Know?

Total is actively committed to road safety and works in partnership with leading stakeholders. In particular, Total is:

  • An active member of the Global Road Safety Partnership. 
  • A founding member of the U.N. Road Safety Trust Fund. 
  • A member of the FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety, which brings together decision-makers from across the business world, international institutions and NGOs, and includes members of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) network.
  • A partner of the French Ministry of the Interior as part of the “safer roads” campaign. 
  • A member of the International Road Federation.

Leveraging Three Paths to Safer Mobility

At Total, we are taking three combined paths to a comprehensive road safety strategy:

  • Education for young people, because they are particularly vulnerable, and because today’s children will be tomorrow’s drivers.
  • Training and awareness raising for specific target groups such as truck and twowheeler drivers, who need to be the primary custodians of best practices.
  • Advocacy and support to the authorities to strengthen road safety standards and promote their enforcement. 

Solidarity in Action

In the Heart of Host Regions

Find out about Total Foundation’s
other three priority areas​