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100 "Ecoles de production" for France

Left behind by the traditional schooling system, some young people give up hope and lose confidence. However, thanks to "Ecoles de production" and their “learning by doing” approach, they can regain a desire to learn. Classes cover a wide range of fields such as cooking, locksmithing, carpentry and software development, opening the door to a job and a new future. The private, nonprofit institutions prepare young people for vocational qualifications using an innovative educational model based on real-life situations and genuine customers, both individuals and manufacturers. During the program, the students not only acquire practical know-how but also develop a sense of responsibility and confidence. The results are convincing, with 100% of students finding a job or undertaking further study after finishing the program. We have pledged to provide the French National Federation of "Ecoles de production" (FNEP) with €60 million in financial support over ten years, in order to increase the number of "Ecoles de production" to 100, or one per département. Eventually, close to 4,000 young people will graduate from "Ecoles de production" every year. 

Understanding and supporting "Ecoles de production".
Understanding and supporting "Ecoles de production"

Understanding and supporting Production schools.

Production schools, taking a "learning by doing" approach".

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Production schools, taking a “learning by doing” approach.