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Innovative Teaching

L’Industreet aims to harness alternative teaching methods for students at the campus. By giving them back their desire to learn, the goal is to unlock the students’ full potential and provide them with industry-recognized qualifications, with job offers immediately after the course, or the possibility to continue their studies or start their own business.

The campus promotes a blend of theory-based, technical and immersive learning, with traineeships and real-world cases. Project-based learning is a teaching method allowing the student to build their own knowledge by completing tangible projects requiring interaction with their peers and environment. This active and engaging teaching method is different to traditional academic techniques in that it enables students to learn in a more independent way.

L’Industreet offers a personalized program for every student based on their individual needs, aspirations and development. Students can enroll at any time of the year, and benefit from long-term support, both during and after the course, in order to find the right career path and join the workforce.

Instead of simply teaching technical expertise, L’Industreet offers a holistic approach to learning, which also covers behavioral, social and civic skills. The courses include sports and cultural activities to develop open-mindedness, a thirst for excellence and soft skills, which are all essential to succeed in the world of work.

L’Industreet also has an original way of working. It operates outside regular academic timetables, meaning that students can access the campus at any time of the year. They are therefore not restricted by predefined timetables and do not have to wait several months to take training.