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One Ambition,
Several Commitments

With Total Foundation, we aim to provide effective and tangible solutions. We have purposefully chosen partners, projects and measures that are in line with our expertise and values, meaning that we can fully commit to supporting citizenship initiatives that inspire change. 

Working with our partners, working here in host communities

Working in the Heart of Our Host Regions

Since Total’s host regions have contributed to making us what we are today, we want to support them along the road to sustainable development. Our presence in 130 countries means that we have an in-depth understanding of local expectations, constraints and cultures. 

We have forged strong ties with communities and created networks with stakeholders such as nonprofits and public authorities, driven by the belief that dialogue is essential for developing projects and ensuring that implemented measures are sustainable. These close relationships have helped us work in effective partnerships. In addition, the geographical scale of our projects means that we can implement tailor-made solutions in line with daytoday realities.

Giving Fresh Impetus to Young People

Targeting our initiatives to young people was a natural step, since they are the world’s future and are poised to become drivers of change. However, many young people are growing up in sensitive economic, social and home environments with limited exposure to education, safety and appropriate social skills, and reduced access to sports and culture. 

We firmly believe that it is vital to make sure young people’s voices are heard and help each and every one of them achieve their full potential. Through the programs we run, we hope to further their personal and professional fulfilment, give them the tools they need to succeed and take the first steps toward independence, and inspire them to learn and take action to become responsible men and women with control over their future.

Working in Four Priority Areas in Line With Our DNA

Based on major social issues, we have identified four priority areas of action that structure the citizenship initiatives conducted around the world every day by our sites, affiliates and corporate foundation:

  • Road Safety
    Total is a major player in mobility and has developed extensive road safety expertise. Total Foundation is committed to safer mobility.
  • Forests and Climate
    In response to climate-related challenges, Total is steadily reducing the carbon intensity of its energy mix. We also support programs to preserve and restore forests and sensitive ecosystems such as wetlands and mangroves.
  • Youth Inclusion and Education
    Total creates jobs and provides training to thousands of young people each year, particularly through apprenticeship programs. We encourage young people from socially vulnerable backgrounds to take control of their future.
  • Cultural Dialogue and Heritage
    With operations in 130 countries, Total engages in cultural dialogue on a daily basis. We encourage openness to other cultures and emphasize the value of heritage.

Working Together

Tackling today’s immense social and environmental challenges requires the energy of the entire community. That is why Total Foundation is developing an approach to corporate philanthropy that leverages collective intelligence. Since the combination of different viewpoints and skills spurs creativity, we are committed to taking a multi-partnership approach with nonprofits, institutions, companies, experts, public authorities and other stakeholders. We are convinced that building bridges between all of these players is the key to unlocking new models for citizenship. 

This approach also includes our employees, whose commitment, time and skills can be immensely valuable. For this reason, we support employees who wish to get involved in meaningful humanist projects with local frontline nonprofits in the areas where they live and work. Through an innovative program launched in 2018, employees in France and around the world can devote up to three working days per year to a citizenship or environmental initiative.

Closely Measuring Our Impact

Total shares a desire for operational excellence with its partners. Good intentions are not enough, and philanthropy should go beyond ideology. That is why we make a point of ensuring that the positive impacts of our actions are always measurable, tangible and sustainable for communities. 

It is essential that we assess the indirect effects of our initiatives so that we can objectively observe changes, adjust programs effectively and develop partnerships, thereby ensuring that we continually improve.