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30/09/2019 News

Biodiversity: Essential Indicators for Effective and Sustainable Initiatives

On October 1 and 2, this year’s French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) information event will take place in Paris, presenting the indicators used to determine the impact of human activity on biodiversity. In line with its commitment to the environment, Total Foundation is partnering with the FRB for this event.

The FRB, founded in 2008 by the French Ministers of Ecology and Research, supports research on biodiversity to allow stakeholders in society to take steps for its preservation. Today, the need to take action is more pressing than ever. The research published in the latest IPBES report is unambiguous: the world’s ecosystems are being devastated by the ever-increasing rate of disappearance of certain species of plants and animals. One million species could be threatened by industry, tourism, agriculture, transportation and other activities.

While it is crucial that solutions to slow the loss of biodiversity be implemented, first the impacts of human activity on the environment must be scientifically evaluated. This research will strongly support decision-making processes and be invaluable in enabling public and private stakeholders to carry out the most effective initiatives and encourage less destructive social and economic behaviors.